Communicating with patients about their weight workshop presented by Barbara Docherty


As part of our knowledge exchange program, COMPaRE-PHC in association with the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) hosted a workshop "Obesity prevention: Finding the right words" at UNSW Australia on 3rd June 2014. 

The Workshop
Current communication approaches don’t work when talking to patients about their weight. This workshop focussed on the need to learn a new language of patient engagement when working with patients who are overweight or obese. This will help both sides of the consultation understand why patients choose to not take advice from GPs and nurses, barriers to referrals and why patients often don’t present or re present following conversations around weight.
Obesity prevention: Finding the right words - Presentation Slides
Person focussed questions - examples                                               
The presenter:  Barbara Docherty from University of Auckland’s Training and Development Services (TADS
Barbara Docherty has led the TADS Behavioural Health training program for the past 16 years. Barbara is a former practice nurse, an Honorary Clinical Lecturer in the School of Nursing at the University of Auckland, author of the Practice Nurse resource: ‘Nursing in General Practice’, and recipient of a New Zealand Nurses Organisation National Service award for services to nursing. 


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