COMPaRE-PHC Forum on Obesity Prevention & Management in Primary Health Care 2015

COMPaRE-PHC forum on obesity prevention & management in primary health care 

COMPaRE-PHC investigators presented their latest research on obesity prevention and management. 

The keynote address on weight management in primary care was delivered by prominent UK obesity researcher, Professor Susan Jebb, Professor of Diet and Population Health at the University of Oxford. Her research interests are focused on how what we eat affects the risk of gaining weight or becoming obese and the interventions that might be effective to help people lose weight or reduce the risk of obesity-related disease. She is also interested in how scientific evidence on diet is translated into policy and practice, by government, industry, the public health community and the media. Further information about Professor Jebb can be found here. Information on her other talks in Australia are available here.

The Forum program is available here and links to the presentation slides are below.

Susan Jebb's keynote presentation: Weight management in primary care Click here for slidesClick here for audio & slides.

Interventions for disadvantaged adults with low health literacy, including a focus on Arabic-speaking people

  • Management of obesity in patients with low health literacy in primary health care  Click for slides

  • Improving health literacy for weight management in Arabic-speaking migrants in Australia  Click for slides

Interventions for families with young children
Developing an innovative model to improve Infant-feeding practices of socioeconomically disadvantaged families: The Growing healthy program

  • How can practitioners support parents with infant feeding to promote healthy weight gain? Click here for slides
  • What affects the infant feeding practices of socioeconomically disadvantaged Australian mothers? Click here for slides

Southern Queensland Centre of Excellence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care introduction: Growing healthy with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and health literacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

  • Southern Queensland Centre of Excellence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care: An introduction Click here for slides.
  • Understanding health talk: health literacy and verbal communication of health information in an urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander general practice. Click her for slides
  • Growing healthy at Inala: A mixed methods study exploring the appropriateness of a m-Health intervention at an urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care service Click here for slides

 Implementation of obesity guidelines

  • Factors influencing general practitioners’ decision to refer patients with obesity in Australia Click here for slides

  • A cost neutral approach to improving the quality of preventive care in general practice: time for dissemination? Click here for slides (please note the title of the presentation differs to the title provided in the program).

  • Countering weight gain in general practice Click here for slides


Key points raised during the Knowledge Exchange Discussion Tables:

Topic 1: Obesity prevention in young children

Topic 2: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Topic 3: M-health interventions (not run)

Topic 4: Health Literacy

Topic 5: Management of obesity in general practice