Establishment & management of multi-institution research centres

Establishing and coordinating a Multi-Institutional Centre of Research Excellence (MICRE) can be complex and time consuming, and there are limited “how to” resources available. To address this gap, Dr Catherine Spooner from COMPaRE-PHC, Ms Lisa Lavey from the Centre of Research Excellence in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care (CRERRPHC) and Dr Chilandu Mukuka from the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI) consulted with the nine multi-institution research centres (CREs) funded by APHCRI to identify problems experienced and lessons in establishing and manageing their CRE and lessons. From this research, a document was produced with "tips" for anyone planning seek funding to establish a multi-institution research centre. 

This study has been approved by the UNSW Medical and Community Human Research Advisory Panel (Ref 2014-7-64).

The tips document is available here.

Feedback on the document is welcome.

Presentations relating to the development of the tips document include the following:

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