Professor Mark Harris from the Centre for Primary Health Care & Equity, UNSW led the Centre.

Advisory Committee

The Centre was guided by an Advisory Committee, which provided high-level advice and guidance in relation to developing the research program of the Centre and in linking the evidence from research with developments in policy and practice. Organisations represented by the Advisory Committee were:

  • Australian Government Department of Health
  • Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association
  • National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
  • NSW Ministry of Health Centre for Epidemiology & Evidence
  • Nutrition Australia
  • Royal Australian College of GP's
  • Susie Burrell Pty Ltd
  • Urban Institute for Indigenous Health
  • Weight Management Council Ltd
  • Consumer representative: Russell McGowan

Steering Group

COMPaRE-PHC was managed by the Steering Group, which comprised all of the COMPaRE-PHC investigators and its Coordinator. 

Executive Committee

A subset of the Steering Group, called the Executive Committee, met once a month to manage the Centre in between Steering Group meetings.